Change Log

Version 1.2

Released 08-11-2023

  • Enhancement and Features – Billing Dashboard, Buy Extra Credits, and Welcome Email.
  • Bug Fixes – Article Generation not Populating

Version 1.1

Released 08-08-2023

  • Google Keywords Planner is now working on your Campaign – a bug where you could not add keywords from GKP.
  • The keyword limit on the account has increased from 10 to 50.
  • Help Info Icon added – to guide the user in every field they must fill.

Version 1.01 (Post-Alpha Launch)

Released 08-07-2023

  • Added tooltips for Keyword Modal – when creating your keyword and entering the data you’ll get more information on exactly what its intended purpose is
  • Change Floating Label to Placeholder in Projects Modal
  • URL SSL/TSL not compatible to any website fixed
  • Added 2 background data-points that were not included in the prompts to the LLM’s
  • Change to the Registration Page

Version 1.0 (Alpha Launch)

Released 08-07-2023

  • Going to list out all the features that Chadix Alpha is launching with, enjoy:
  • Integration of GPT 3.5 Turbo, GPT4, Claude2 and Bard for LLM’s
  • Added ability to utilize credit tokens in Chadix
  • Integrated Stripe Dashboard for upgrading, cancelling and billing history
  • Ability to create a Campaign (Campaign Name, URL and Purpose)
  • Ability to Update Profile
  • On-Page SEO Optimization
  • Auto-Title created by SERP analysis
  • Auto Meta description created from SERP analysis
  • Lists added
  • Tables added
  • AI Featured Image added
  • Ability to add New Keyword to a campaign
  • Auto-Detect User Search Intent
  • Select General Tone (Casual, professional, etc..)
  • Select Readability Grade level (7-10th)
  • Ability to use SERP analysis to automatically determine the optimal length for an article.
  • Also, the ability to override and enter manual length for the article
  • Ability to slightly tweak the title angle
  • Selection of default language to use when creating articles
  • Personalization by entering the purpose of the article
  • Personalization by allowing background information that can be used in the article
  • Personalization by allowing personal experience to be added to the article
  • Multi-selection of keywords to Generate Article
  • 10 FAQ’s added to topic outline & final article
  • Topic Outline auto-minimized after article completion
  • Google Keyword Planner auto pulls keywords based on campaign URL to give you a base of keywords to generate content
  • Added 1-click copy to Final Article
  • Added toggle to Final Article to switch from Markdown formatting and Rich Content
  • Multi-Language Translation using Google Translate or Chadix AI
  • After the translation is completed, ability to have side-by-side preview between that and the original language it was created
  • Created a full-screen preview of translated article
  • Ability to export final article by txt or PDF

Version 0.01

Started 05-07-2023

  • Chadix’s first line of code was written 😲